Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: risk factors

Instructions for protecting the baby’s health and reducing the risk of SIDS:

The baby should be placed only on his back whenever he is asleep (when awake he should get enough tummy time under adult supervision)

  1. The baby should be placed on a firm mattress and not a soft surface (a surface which does not sink under light pressure
  2. The baby’s environment should be smoke free (mothers are highly recommended to avoid exposure to smoking even during the pregnancy)
  3. Overheating should be avoided – the recommended temperature is 22 degrees Celsius
  4. The baby should be placed to sleep in a separate bed in the parents’ room until the age of 6 months (bed sharing should be avoided)
  5. The baby’s bed should be kept free and clean of any object, including toys, pillows, and bumper pad
  6. The blanket should be tight under the baby’s shoulders, and the baby should be placed on the lower third of the bed in a Feet to Foot Position
  7. It is recommended to breast-feed the baby and give him a pacifier when he is put to bed (after the age of one month, when he is already accustomed to breast-feeding)

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