Dear Donor

ATID – an Israeli Society for the Study and Prevention of SIDS welcomes and appreciates your financial donation.

Your donation will assist in funding research for identifying the cause of SIDS and overcoming it, in providing support for the grieving families and increasing the awareness of the public regarding ways to reduce the risk of SIDS.

A donation can be made by a cheque in order of ATID – Israeli Society for the Study and Prevention of SIDS, sent by the post office to: 78 Hagalil St., Ganei-Tikva, 55900, Israel.

The Society’s phone number is +972-2-6666833

The Society is registered as a non profit organization (no. 939458188) and as a public institution for tax exemption purposes according to section 46 to the Income Tax Ordinance (file no. 580342004).

Thank You

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